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3 Steps to Intelligent Style™
Intelligent Style™ leverages the concept of emotional intelligence as it relates to the psychology of style for women. This article walks you through the 3 steps to take your presence and style to the next level with Intelligent Style.
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The 3 Core Values of Intelligent Style
Intelligent Style is an external representation of your inner self. Ready to create your Intelligent Style? Start embodying the 3 core values of Intelligent Style.
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What is Intelligent Style & How do I get it?
How to create your Intelligent Style and save yourself time, energy and money in curating your ideal wardrobe (for both your office style and your personal style).
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What the HECK is Business Casual?
For women getting dressed for work, business casual creates a unique challenge as there is no clear dress code. Three guidelines to dressing to meet the audience and be true to your style for any business casual setting.
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Clothes as a Catalyst for Confidence
Boutique Box founder and CEO Catherine Cassidy has leveraged the power of style her entire life. She shares her story of cultivating confidence through her clothes, how she got started in Fashion, and why she's building Boutique Box.
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