• Dressing for your Next Level: Amplify your Impact, Influence, and Income with Intelligent Style


Want that big promotion? To grow your business? Make a bigger impact? Activate your full possibility?

How you show up matters.

Taking your presence to the next level doesn't mean you need a makeover. It does mean you need to think about it differently.

In this 25-minute workshop, Boutique Box CEO Catherine Cassidy guides you through the 1-2-3 to elevate your Intelligent Style to activate and embolden Your Next Level.

-1- The Foundations of Intelligent Style (Mindset, not Material)

-2- How Successful Women Leverage Style (for Themselves, not Others)

-3- The Steps to Shift your Style (10 minutes, not 10 hours)

Intelligent Style™ leverages the psychology of style and human behavior to give women a new playbook for getting dressed for work that amplifies their presence, power, and purpose.